Wine list
White wine menu
We have a selection of classic and new world white wines served chilled in bottles or by the glass. Start with a small 125ml glass until you decide what you like before buying a bottle.

House white wineGravite Blanc Vin de Pays d’Oc (France)

Bright, fresh and fruity with peach, pear and passion fruit flavours on the thirst-quenching palate.

125ml £3.25 |  175ml £3.75 |  250ml £4.50 | Bottle £12.95

Cambio 7 Sauvignon Blanc (Chile)

Tantalising tropical fruit aromas overlay a solid base of citrus and herbaceous characters. Young, fruity and refreshing with well balanced acidity.

125ml £3.70 | 175ml £4.25 | 250ml £5.55 | Bottle £15.95

Pinot GrigioVina Lupina Pinot Grigio (Italy)

A light wine with pears, almonds and a citrus zingy finish. This is the reason that Pinot Grigio is so popular.

125ml £3.95 | 175ml £4.75 | 250ml £5.85 | Bottle £16.95

Maota Bay Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)sancerre

Ripe tropical fruit gives way to a heady green fruit medley of green peppers, gooseberries and apple, followed through with racy acidity.

Bottle £22.95

Red wine
Red wine sold by the bottle or by the glass. A great selection.

Languedoc red wineGravite Rouge Vin de Pays d’Oc (France)

Packed with juicy vibrant red fruits the wine is soft, rounded and far too easy to drink.

125ml £3.25 | 175ml £3.75 | 250ml £4.50 | Bottle £12.95

Chilean MerlotCambio 7 Merlot (Chile)

Spices, plums and black cherries in a bottle, lovely stuff

125ml £3.70 | 175ml £4.25 | 250ml | £5.55 | Bottle £15.95

cave_de_fleurieEl Colectivo Malbec (Argentina)

Bursting This wine has the typical deep, dark violet color of Argentine Malbec. The nose offers intense aromas of black stone fruit interwoven with notes of chocolate and sweet spice. Balanced acidity leads into a long, velvety finish.

125ml £3.95 | 175ml £4.75 | 250ml £5.85 | Bottle £16.95

Crianza RiojaSenorio de Labarta Crianza (Spain)

This lovely Rioja is choc full of black cherries and plums, punctuated with delicate vanilla and black pepper spice.

125ml £4.25 | 175ml | £5.25 | 250ml £6.85 | Bottle £19.95

Rosé wine menu

Rosé wine is perfect for a hot sunny day. Serve chilled. Drink overlooking the sea. Perfect.

Zinfandel rose wineFurious Boar Zinfandel Rosé (California)

Raspberry ripple in a glass. Lashings of summer fruits with a generous dollop of cream.

125ml £3.70 | 175ml £4.25 | 250ml £5.55 | Bottle £15.95

Pinot Grigio BlushVina Lupina Pinot Grigio Blush (Italy)

A lighter and drier style of rosé than the New World produces but with enough red fruit to provide depth of flavour.

125ml £3.95 | 175ml £4.75 | 250ml £5.85 | Bottle £16.95

Champagne & sparkling wine menu

ProseccoDimora Prosecco
Brilliant straw yellow and an extremely fine, vivacious mousse. Aromas of wildflowers and almonds are balanced on the palate by notes of pear and a refreshingly crisp acidity.

125ml £5.95 | Bottle £22.95

moet-chandon-brut-imperialMoet & Chandon Brut ImperialDistinctive aromas of brioche and crunchy green apples with a crisp acidity on the palate.

Bottle £54.95

Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label Brut
Rich yeasty biscuity aromas,. Well structured palate with balanced acidity and toasty, citrus flavours. Elegant with a long lingering finish.

Bottle £64.95